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Flood of Research from Around the Globe

For those tracking the scientific articles and case reports on this site, please be aware that we are adding new articles every week.  There have been dozens of scientific papers published in the last 2 years, and we continue to find and list new articles as we locate them.  In addition to posting the latest articles, we continue to locate important articles published during the last five years, which we add to our existing list, placing them in the appropriate chronological order.  The following articles were added today, September 25, 2012:

A selective memory deficit caused by autoimmune encephalopathy associated with hashimoto thyroiditis.

C Koros, A Economou, G Mastorakos, A Bonakis, N Kalfakis, SG Papageorgiou

Cogn Behav Neurol. 2012 Sep;25(3):144-8.



Steroid-responsive encephalopathy and autoimmune thyroiditis in a young boy.

SD Shah, H Murali

Pediatr Neurol. 2011 Aug;45(2):132-4.




Time for the endocrinologists to expand their awareness of and contribution to the diagnosis and management of encephalopathy associated with autoimmune thyroid disease.

G Tamagno, G Gaoatswe

Hormones (Athens). 2011 Jan-Mar;10(1):36-8.

Full Text:



Spontaneous Remission of Encephalopathy Associated with Autoimmune Thyroid Disease in a Patient with Graves’ Disease: A Rare Occurrence in a Rare Clinical Picture

Y Elfaki, D O’Shea, and G Tamagno

Int J Endocrinol Metab. September 2011;9(4):373-6.

Full Text:



More precise definition of encephalopathy associated with autoimmune thyroid disease

Itai Berger

Acta Paedriactica: Volume 100, Issue 1, pages 5–6, January 2011 (Reader’s Forum)

Full Text:



Autoimmune encephalopathy associated with thyroid autoantibodies as the cause of reversible cognitive impairment

N Maroz, B Nechama, and RD Chow

Journal of Community Hospital Internal Medicine Perspectives 2012, Vol 2, 11453 (April 2012)

Full Text:



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  1. October 13, 2012 at 2:55 pm

    Please note that we are continually adding new articles as they are published and located online. On October 13, the following article was added:
    Anti-thyroid antibodies in two patients with subacute dementia, ataxia, and myoclonus
    Daniel Kondziella, Klaus Hansen, Teresa Gonzalez, Peter Gideon, Ingelise Christiansen & Finn Sellebjerg
    Ugeskr Læger 2012;174(9):577-579 (original in Danish; English translation available online)

  2. Nancy Martin
    November 19, 2012 at 8:58 pm

    Are you still collecting stories for your book. If so, I’d be very happy to send you the details on my husband. His HE started November 12, 2011, but the disease wasn’t really confirmed till September 2012.

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